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Luxury Hotel for seriously posh felines in the heart of Hollywood!

NEW! Loft in Hollywood!

Check out Hollywood’s newest addition, ultra-style, Kitty Kitty Hotel for cats! We specialize in creating ultra-posh accommodations for your loved one when you are away! All of our services are tailored to compliment each of our guests individually! Our exclusive Feline Only Hotel has limited space, so pre-booking is highly recommended! Address: CLOSED, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | Tel: xxxxxx

The Rooms

Single Room Studio: $45 per night

Spacious single room studio! This spacious room is perfect for 1-2 cats. Additional cats are $20 each.

Two Room Loft: $65 per night

Giant two room loft! This double sized loft can accommodate up to three cats. Every cat after the first is an additional $20 each.

The Housecat Add-on: Coming Soon!

Cage-free playtime where the cats are able to wander around the house at their leisure. This is a supervised environment with plenty of games, places to climb, run and relax! Evenings are spent back in their individual private rooms.

We offer variety of fun and luxurious activities designed to pamper and stimulate your cat.Afternoon Laser Disco – The most fun a cat can have!Play Time – Feathers on a string or your cat’s favorite toy from home.Brushing – Brushing session that cats love reducing dead hair and dander.

What’s on the Menu?

Each day one meal of canned and unlimited dry food is included in the rate.Supply your own food $1 per serving.Extra canned food $2 per serving. We offer freshly cooked chicken at mealtime $3 per serving.Sushi snack $3 per serving.Sardine snack $1 per serving.Fresh whole milk $1 per serving. Catnip bar included.

Want More?

We can custom tailor our feline guests stay to achieve the ultimate get-away!

Pick up and delivery service $20 each way. Schedule your pet to be picked up and delivered right to your door! We offer this service within a 3 mile radius!

Medication$6 per administration of oral pills and liquids, or topical medications (including owner provided flea treatments)

Daily Photos We take adorable daily photos of all of our guests. Follow your kitty on Instagram!! #kittykittyhotel


Our health requirements for our feline guests reflect our commitment to the highest standards of safety. All cats need a current FVRCP vaccine. In addition, cats participating in Cage-Free Playtime/Activities need to be blood tested within 12 months for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) AND FeLV (Feline Leukemia) with a negative result. We do not require the vaccine for these and will not accept the vaccine in lieu of the test. Please download the application form which includes vaccination and blood test protocol, contact, services documents. Bring these forms with  you when dropping off your pet!

We have a vet on-call! If your pet has an emergency or needs medical attention, we will have our on-call local vet come in to assess the situation. The cost of this service is the responsibility of the pets owner and we require a current credit card number on file.

We require all documentation and payment in advance.

Get In Touch! xxxxxx.